We offer a variety of services. If you don't see what you need below please contact us.

Initial Assessments

Your first meeting with us involves us discussing what has brought you to see us, and what you would like to achieve from counselling. This also gives you an opportunity to see if you would like to work with us.  

One to One Counselling

We offer sessions on a one to one basis and each session lasts for 50 minutes.  The sessions are usually held on a weekly basis.

Fees per Appointment

Initial Assessment - £10

One to One Counselling - our sessions are income related, sessions range from £10 to £40

Funded Sessions - These are sessions where we have been given funding to provide free sessions. We will always check with each client to see if they fit into the criteria for funded sessions during the initial meeting


We understand everyone has a busy life but please try to aim for 24hr notice to cancel an appointment. Less than 24hr notice, will require the appointment to still be paid for in advance of booking any future appointments.