Why counselling is needed


Everybody needs to talk and more importantly to be heard, truly heard without fear of being judged. Many different reasons can bring somebody to counselling and every reason is valid.

Mental and Emotional well being

1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health issue, these can be triggered at any stage.


The most common are anxiety and depression, but stress, bereavement and traumatic events can also affect a person’s mental and emotional well being as well as many others. Mental and emotional well being can greatly affect a person day to day life in all aspects, e.g. work productivity, physical health, relationships and the wider community and economy.



Society is constantly changing, growing and developing at an ever increasing rate, with pressure to fit into the “accepted norm”. This can create conflict, as we are either striving to gain more or feel lost and left behind when we cannot keep up. It can feel even worse, if we do not feel accepted by others. The society we live in affects every part of our lives, some are more visual than others, e.g. job, salary, education, residence and material items whilst others are less visual e.g. religion, ethnic back ground, sexuality and gender.


Your background can affect you both positively and negatively. Looking at why and how you react to situations can enable you to challenge those behaviours and stop repeating patterns that are creating conflict in any aspect of your life.